Leading From Behind is Often the Best Way to Be Out Front

Many see “leading from behind” as a sign of leadership weakness, because they don’t understand that it can be the most effective way to build alliances, create consensus and motivate others to do what the leader wants to be done.

There is a general misconception about the type of aura a leader should exhibit in order to be successful. We have been raised and socialized on certain time-honored images of what leadership should look like. Sifted through eons of history, the standard-bearer of leadership is presented as one who is “out front” and visible. We are encouraged to believe that the best leadership is provided when the leader is in the limelight, the focus of rapt attraction by adoring employees. The theory seems to be: followers can’t follow the leader if the leader is not out there in front leading.

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Learning To Intimidate Intimidator

The best antidote to intimidation is to intimidate the intimidator

It’s been said that there are only two certainties in life, “death and taxes.” But, there is a third certainty – intimidation. From the very first time we have a sense of self; intimidation becomes a force to deal with and a reality of life. Therefore, to be successful in any aspect of life — be it personal, business or leadership — it is essential to understand, manage and overcome the ugly influence of intimidation.

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Effective Leadership is About Communicating — Not Talking

Effective Communication copy

Clear, honest, open and two-way interactive communication is the lifeblood of leadership.

As a leader, genuine communication is not so much about what you say as it is about the message you send. That message is a vital tool in any leader’s efforts to express their vision of the future, enlist others in the effort, provide updates about progress, maintain a consistent focus on the objective and empower others to participate in the achieving the objective. In short, effective communication is the way leaders give followers a reason to follow.

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