The Wrong Question About the Auto Industry

PODCAST EPISODE #95: Bureaucrats are driving America’s auto industry toward extinction.

5 responses to “The Wrong Question About the Auto Industry

  1. That’s a smart answer to a diflicuft question.

  2. Un jour FB vaudra peut-être 100 ou 200. Ce n’est pas la question. La question, c’est qu’aujourd’hui 38 dollars c’est cher par rapport aux perspectives et à la visibilité que peut offrir la société. Je n’ai jamais dit que FB ne valait rien ou qu’elle ne vaudra pas cher dans dix ans, mais rien ne sert d’aller plus vite que la musique, même si l’on est un utilisateur inconditionnel de FB.

  3. Ico, ótimo texto.Por isso tudo, torço muito pela Red Bull ou McLaren, e que a Ferrari fique pra fora..E ainda acho que teremos uma "zebra" neste GP em Interlagos, com pole e vitória do Hamilton!Abraço!

  4. Comparing this song (or any song , really) to ‘Her First Mistake’ is like comparing The Blind Side to The Godfather. Ironically (or maybe ironic isn’t the right word), I find that Lovett’s few straight-up country songs don’t quite measure up to a more traditional country artist like Paisley, while Lovett’s jazz/blues/country hybrid songs are on a whole other plane.

  5. problem I had was that the elastic for the adjustable waistband was far too long for me. I cut off a length and used a safety pin to keep the loose end up so it wouldn’t end up hanging down my leg.

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