Who Will Save Your Company’s Soul?

PODCAST EPISODE #66: To understand why good companies sometimes fail, look inside.

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One response to “Who Will Save Your Company’s Soul?

  1. Just as the trappings of religion can be confused with true spirituality, so can organizational superficialities be mistaken for the soul of a company. While the soul can be seen as it manifests itself in the form of ideas, thoughts, emotions and commitment, it is still separate from the physical. It is not what can be seen on the surface that matters but what exists inside that “sustains” individuals and companies in the worst of times yet also propels them to celestial heights in the best of times. By definition “the soul is the essence, the deepest and truest nature” and it is what gives someone or something its distinctive character. Without this distinctive character condemnation to the depths of mediocrity and failure are inevitable. While I believe that companies’ souls can be saved…they must first be willing to confess their sins. Then and only then will they be prepared for the coming of their savior.

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