It’s Here! Sensational New GPS App for Entrepreneurs. Easily Downloaded to any Mobile Mind-Held Device

Get Your new GPS (Goal Positioning Strategies) App designed specifically for entrepreneurs offering easy-to-understand, decision-by-decision directions to reach any career or business destination.

Don’t wait! Anyone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur should download this GPS App today! Not Available at most large Corporations!

This powerful new App boasts many hard-to-find features that allow the entrepreneur to identify hazards that could become roadblocks to success and the actions needed to achieve that lofty goal. Avoid pitfalls! Never embark down the wrong road to success! Eliminate unnecessary gambles! Keep your focus solidly on your ultimate destination.

Instant actionable directions provided by the entrepreneurial GPS App are simple and easy to follow; all you have to know is exactly where your successful destination resides and this handy App will calculate the best way for you to get there.

If conditions along your path to success change, this App alerts you to the danger and helps you to find the best alternative routes to success. Using the GPS App, entrepreneurs will easily see the smartest routes to take in order to negate naysayers and plot a safe path around the obstacles of bureaucracy and complacency. The GPS App also offers unique way-points along the way to show progress being made toward the goal.

And, what about those old business books and expensive business degrees that have been used in the past? Compared to this new GPS App, they are totally archaic.  When you download this entrepreneurial app you will have no excuse for getting lost on your way to success. Guaranteed!

Here’s an Example of How This Incredible New App Can Guide You to Success

Let’s say you want to build a company based on an entrepreneurial culture so you can challenge the status quo and fight off the strangling effect of bureaucracy in order to achieve success.

Just fire up the GPS and input “new destination”: Building an entrepreneurial culture in a bureaucratic world.

After just a bit of calculating the GPS App will offer the following surefire directions:

  1. Begin by moving directly toward creating “parallel interests” so that everyone will benefit and get on board for the trip.
  2. Continue on the highway keeping a constant eye on where you want to go and continuously remind others of the destination.
  3. Make sure the driving directions to your destination are broken into simple segments of the trip and simply follow them. Trying to go all the way in one fell-swoop becomes complicated and confusing.
  4. Be decisive; don’t keep changing your mind or getting off course. (The GPS will remind you to “make a U-turn when possible” if you get off course.
  5. Be aware that risk is the “road construction” that can slow or derail any trip. Measure or determine the reward for the risk and either proceed forward or figure out the best detour.
  6. Be sure the “speaker volume” on the GPS is set on high so that everyone receives constant communication as to the progress of the trip.
  7. Don’t do all the driving yourself; it’s a long trip. You can get to your destination sooner and people will enjoy the trip more if they are given the power to help you get there; and are not just relegated to being passengers.
  8. Let the people know that you know you can’t get to the desired destination all by yourself and that they are an important part of the trip.
  9. Make sure that those who have hitched a ride with you can trust your driving. They can become nervous passengers if they can’t trust that you know where you are going or if your driving is erratic.
  10. When you arrive at your destination be careful to make sure that everyone is as excited and benefits from the rewards of a successful trip as much as you. This will ensure that those who made the trip will stay on board and be ready to take a new trip with you.

And the Moral of the Story …

Wouldn’t it be great if all anyone had to do to be a successful entrepreneur would be to visit iTunes and download a special GPS App that would calculate and create a  specific, concise, detailed and fixed path to success?

Not really!

If it were that easy, anyone could be an “entrepreneur” and there would be no risk and less reward. But, there is a GPS App for success and that comes in the form, experience, commitment and passion of the entrepreneur. The true entrepreneur becomes the real GPS – with all directions and options programmed in – for others to follow.

A successful entrepreneur is an individual with the experience to recognize an opportunity, the inherent instinct to visualize its fulfillment and the courage to reach for it. The entrepreneur is, by nature, a GPS for business. He or she has the ability and talent of a GPS to clearly, simply, consistently and relentlessly communicate and remind others of the best path to take to achieve success. So if you want a GPS App to lead you and others down to the road to success – be one!


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