Tolerating a Government that is Intrusive, Inefficient and Wasteful is Obamanable and is the Reason Why America is in Trouble Today

You won’t hear it from Republicans or Democrats, but there is a simple solution to the problems facing America.

It is an obamanable situation to be in, but government with its intrusive, inefficient and wasteful ways is at the root of all the problems in America. If we could just come together as a nation to elect native-born leaders with the patriotism and backbone to cut the size of government to the quick and free the private sector to do what it does best, it would be like a dream come true. Reducing government to its bare essentials would mean there would be no deficit spending, no high taxes or national debt to burden our children; and no oppressive “big brother” regulations controlling everything we do, including our God-given rights of individual freedom of action. If we could just live this dream, America’s problems would soon fade into oblivion; and the United States would once again regain the domination of the world as the exceptional, God-fearing, Christian nation that God intended for us to be.

A Return to the “Good ‘Ol Days”

America needs to get back to being the America for Americans that the Founding Fathers envisioned. What is called for is a new American Revolution that will return our country’s government to the size and type that we (well, not we, but those who immigrated to America) fought the first American Revolution to establish. This new revolution would be about shrinking government, ridding us of all wasteful spending, repealing the regulations that hinder our freedom and making sure that business is free to do what it does best, without interference from government.

The Founding Fathers had the wisdom to recognize the threat posed by a strong central government, so the U.S. Constitution was constructed in a way that limited, by definition, the powers of the federal government and specifically reserved all other rights to the states and individuals. Unfortunately, even before the ink was dry, the federal government began an inexorable expansion of its powers.

Now it has reached the point that individuals, businesses and states are so encumbered by the involvement, rules and regulations of the federal government that freedom is all but lost. Maybe, (just maybe) it was okay – even though it was an invasion of state’s rights and private property rights – for the federal government to say that states could not allow individuals to own slaves; but see what that type of attitude leads to? The Supreme Court is now telling the states like Arizona that they can’t even do whatever they want with individuals who are suspected of being illegal immigrants.

And, it gets worse. It has been estimated by the Competitive Enterprise Institute that – considering the cost to companies to comply with, and the government expenditures to implement – the plethora of meddling government regulations that are now in place cost the economy $1.75 trillion per year, which, if true, exceeds the total of all corporate pretax profits. Shameful! Just imagine how much lower our taxes would be, how many wonderful jobs would be created and how much more successful the corporations would be if government “would just get off the backs of business.” All these rules not only hinder the free-flow of business, they also limit our individual freedom to do whatever we want. After all, these corporations are people, too, and they just want the freedom to do what is best for other people.

Can it get Worse?

Of course it can. As the government got bigger it had to justify its size by spending and wasting more and more of our money on programs never considered in the Constitution. This country got by very well, thank you, for almost 200 years without Food Stamps. Now the government (we) spend almost $100 billion dollars a year giving free food to people who don’t take care of themselves. Not only that, but the government spends like $15 billion per year just to give free lunches to kids in school. Isn’t that what parents are for?

And speaking of food: Do you realize that the Food and Drug Administration will spend almost $5 billion this year to enforce cumbersome regulations to supposedly make our food safe. What a waste! What corporation would ever want to get a bad reputation by selling food that was not safe? It is simple logic: If people bought the bad food and died, they would not be around to buy more food and that would hurt the profits of the food companies. Thank goodness for people like Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., who has the courage to stand up and point out the obvious, “This is big government, nanny-state overreach. Our food is 99.99 percent safe. It’s absurd how safe our food is.”

Believe it or not, there is more. This country got by quite nicely for 150 years without having government programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. If people didn’t have the money to retire, they just kept working till they died. That kept them busy; and it kept the economy percolating. If people got sick and could not afford care, they could simply heal themselves or maybe give the doctor a couple of chickens or something to pay for their care.

Now, 40 percent ($1.4 trillion) of the total federal budget ($3.7 trillion) goes for these “social programs” that spend our hard-earned money on people who don’t take care of themselves and become dependent on government. This amount is twice as much as we spend on national defense. Now, if you add in Obamacare, the cost is going to be hundreds of billions more. What are we thinking here? If the Founding Fathers thought we should have government take care of us when we retire or get sick, they would have put that in the Constitution. Excuusse me, but I don’t see anything about Social Security or Medicare in the Constitution!

Driving Home the Point

There are scores of other examples that expose how our bloated government wastes our money and limits our freedom, but just one more should drive home the point. How would you feel if you knew that “your” government spends over $100 billion of your money every year to provide housing, food, medical care and education to illegal immigrants and their children? For God sakes, this is American money that is not even going to Americans. And I am not even talking about the billions we send overseas as aid to people who don’t even like us. Shame!

Somebody has to step up and demand an end to this inexorable increase in the size of government, the wasting of trillions of our dollars and the real threats to our individual liberty. Unfortunately, there seems to be no reason to be encouraged that this will happen. When it comes to the growth and size of government – despite what may be promised – there is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Ronald Reagan is the hero for those of us who see government for what it is – evil. Reagan offered himself as the modern-day St George who would slay the dragon of big, meddling, wasteful government. It is distressing to realize that Reagan’s promises were just as mythical as St George, because during the eight years of his presidency, the size of the federal government (in relation to GDP) increased by 90 percent. It is interesting that during the terms of Carter and Clinton, while government did grow, it grew at a slower rate than during the presidencies of Nixon, Reagan and both Bushes. If you are a loyal devotee of Fox News, (as I am) it may come as a surprise that – even with the huge stimulus program – the growth in the size of the government has been less in the Obama years than it was in the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations.

But, this should not surprise us. How could anyone logically believe that those in government – Executive Branch, Congress and the Supreme Court – would ever be motivated to do anything other than expand the very government that gives them their power? Their whole purpose in life is to gain more power and the only way to do that is continue to make their power base larger.

What Are We To Do?

There is a solution and it is right in front of us. The foundation of our country is based on individual freedom and free enterprise, so all we have to do to solve this problem is to sell the government – lock, stock and barrel – to private corporations. Indeed, corporations already spend enough on lobbying and other “contributions” to virtually own and control the government now: So why not formalize it?

Of course, no corporation is large enough to buy the entire government, but it could be broken up and sold piece by piece. For example, the Department of Defense could be purchased by Halliburton. The insurance industry could get together to buy Social Security and Medicare. FEDEX could purchase the Post Office. Bank of America would be a good candidate to buy the Treasury Department. The Department of Energy could come under the control of BP. The Department of Education could be sold to the University of Phoenix. It would also be possible for some of largest corporations and wealthy individuals to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech by getting together to form a committee that could actually buy the presidency.

All types of creative private financing such as private equity, e.g. Bain Capital, leveraged buyout firms and venture capitalists could come together to finance these transactions. And, an immediate benefit would be that proceeds from the sale of the government could be used to pay down the national debt. (The private companies would not want to take on the debt, so we would be stuck with what is left.)

Once the different parts of government have been acquired by private enterprise, then the efficiency of the free market can come into full force. First off, just like in the private economy, the corporations would begin to charge a “fee for service.” If we want a service, we pay for it. No different than if we want to drive a Cadillac, we pay for it or we don’t get it. If we want heart surgery, then we should pay for it or do without. Of course, the fees are set so the corporations make a profit and receive a good return on their investment. That’s the way free enterprise works. If you want your kids educated, then either do it yourself or pay the required tuition to a corporation.

Since, unlike government, private enterprise can’t operate for very long when revenues are less than cost of the service provided, controlling costs would be paramount. To make them more efficient and profitable, departments could it be downsized and much of the work could be outsourced to cheaper workers in other countries.

This approach would also have a positive impact solving the illegal immigration problem. Since the illegal immigrants would be required to pay for any services they needed and they likely would not have the money to do so, there would be no reason for them to be in America and they would likely “self-deport” themselves. In fact, they probably could stay in their own country and get hired to do the government work the private companies were outsourcing. So, everyone wins.

See? Solving America’s problems is really so simple and easy.

And the Moral of the Story …

So there you have it. You are not going to hear this type of simple, patriotic solution to America’s problems coming from Republicans or Democrats; they have too much of a vested interest in perpetuating the current system of bloated government. Selling off and converting the American government to a “for profit” enterprise would be the greatest revolution since the last American Revolution. If we are going to save America we need to get back to the real vision and intent of the Founding Fathers that was very clearly construed in the Constitution. Only this approach will keep the government out of our lives, protect our individual freedoms and free corporations to do what they do best. It would be a dream come true!


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