Mac’s Marvelous Meanderings

I am excited to report on what promises to be a busy and interesting summer of travel.

As you may know, I was already scheduled to be in Beijing, China for the Summer Olympics in August. I have been fortunate enough have been selected as an Olympic referee for men’s basketball and an umpire for women’s softball.

I also jumped at the chance to be an alternate judge for the pairs trampoline event. If that was not enough to keep me busy this summer, yesterday I received a personal call from Senator Barack Obama who asked that I join his entourage for the planned trip to Europe and the Mid-East. (For security reasons I can’t release the date of the trip, but it will be sometime prior to the Olympics.) I don’t want to let the goat out of the can and steal Senator Obama’s thunder, but look for a big announcement when he is in Israel.

The idea will be for Senator Obama to show unexpected prowess in foreign affairs. It would not be fair for me to claim credit for this, but discussions are under way for Senator Obama to propose a new religion as a path to settling the turmoil in the Mid-East.

The objective is to in one fell swoop end both the Jewish-Palestine conflict and the war in Iraq. (I know directly that he is also working on a plan to cause Iran to give up on developing nuclear weapons, but that will probably be announced at the convention in Denver.)

My understanding is that the new religion will be called “Chrismusjew,” but there is also strong support for it being called “Musjewchris.” The latter version would make it easier for merchants during the Holidays by celebrating “Musjewchrismass.” Who better than Senator Obama, whose actual religious beliefs are still in question, to propose this solution?

I certainly applaud Senator Obama for being willing to take this creative, out of the box approach to issues in the Mid-East in order to demonstrate his depth of understanding for the problem. I am also pleased to be able to work with him on these issues, but the credit should go to him. In any event, it will be fun and exciting to deliver my blogs and pod casts directly from the center of action during these trips. I will keep you up to date on the happenings.

Wish me luck.

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