Hillary is Infected with the Entitlement Virus

from “If You’re Not Making History, You Are History” by Bob MacDonald


Let me start by admitting that I twice voted for President Obama (the first Democratic presidential candidate I voted for) and would do so again. There are many reasons to vote for Hillary – many more so than for Trump – but from my perspective there is one significant disqualifier that will simply not allow me to vote for Clinton. Hillary is infected by the virus of “entitlement.” It is an addicting disease that in its late stages – as it has infected Clinton – is simply incurable. The person who is infected develops an “entitlement mentality complex.” The symptoms of the disease are when an individual under its spell comes to the view that privileges are a right and they are to be expected as a matter of course.

The problem is that when a leader becomes infected with entitlement it brings about a corrupted way of thinking and action that almost always leads failure. It allows them to repeatedly take actions that are self-destructive, even though they don’t understand or recognize this. When this happens they lose the ability to exhibit the attribute most needed to be a successful leader – to give others a reason to follow. Those who are infected with the entitlement virus lose the insight necessary to have true empathy for the needs, desires and problems of others, because it is all about what they are entitled to. And this leads to failed leadership.

As I assume you have, I have seen innumerable examples of entitlement in the business world. The special perks and benefits of management that are the entitlements of status. Earning a privilege is one thing, but thinking of those privileges as an entitlement is quite another. In the end the infected leader loses the respect of the followers, ultimately causing failed leadership. The entitlement virus is everywhere – in business, politics and even religion – but never have I seen the bug of entitlement infect a public person to the depth as it has Hillary.

In fairness, over the past 30 years Hillary has been exposed to the virus of entitlement more than any other public person and we should not be surprised that she has become infected. I understand that after decades of enjoying the privileges of powerful offices and a public life it is easy to forget that one must earn these benefits and that they are not entitlements. But that should not excuse or condone her attitude as she seeks the presidency. Hillary has clearly shown the symptoms of the infection by adopting an attitude suggesting that “after all she has done,” she is entitled to be president.

Succumbing to the virus of entitlement causes an individual (especially a leader) to believe they can do what they want, when they want and how they want; with no consequences because they are entitled to act that way. This has caused both Hillary and Bill to take numerous self-destructive actions that they don’t understand or recognize. This is not the mindset you want from a leader. Hillary’s (and Bill’s) entitlement attitude has been on full display for all to see for decades and has led to innumerable brushes with scandal and even the possibly of illegal activity.  

The litany is long: Travel Gate, Whitewater, FBI background files, e-mail private server and the Clinton foundation are but a few of almost a score of scandals that have touched the Clintons. There is no credible evidence of illegal activity, but a close examination of the incubation of all of these scandals will show that it comes from an arrogant attitude of entitlement. Being infected with the virus of entitlement leads to the mistaken belief that one’s achievements entitles a person to some particular reward or benefit—whether it’s illegal, immoral, or unethical. They become convinced that the normal rules do not apply to them.

Is that really a good reason not to vote for Hillary?

So what if Hillary is infected with the virus of entitlement? Should that disqualify her from receiving your vote? Especially considering she is running against the likes of Trump. It may not be for you and I understand that, but for me it does. Most agree that if Hillary were running against anyone but Trump, her addiction to entitlement would cause her to lose badly.

Any feeling of entitlement on the part of any leader can be destructive, but when a national political leader becomes infected, it can be dangerous. The infection of entitlement is devious. I believe Hillary wants to be a good person, but this disease can make good people do bad things. And that invariably happens when political leaders have their attitude of entitlement validated by voters.

My belief is that when a leader is infected by entitlement it invariably leads to a lack of trust from followers. There is a feeling that the leader will do what is best for them, regardless of how it impacts the followers. Trust is a critical element of leadership and without it, leadership is doomed to fail. If Hillary is elected president it will only validate her feeling of entitlement and this could not only lead to more scandals, but a continuation of a paralyzed government, because the leader feels entitled to do anything for her own benefit.

Even though I might agree with her positions more than I do Trump’s, from my perspective, every vote for Hillary is like giving another drink to an alcoholic; it only increases her addiction to entitlement. And a feeling of entitlement on the part of any national leader is a recipe for failure – for them and us.

2 responses to “Hillary is Infected with the Entitlement Virus

  1. Evidently, you are not voting for Trump either as he is entitled to grab and kiss whoever he wants.

  2. The Clintons have been infected with this virus for many years and that is why as a woman I will NOT vote for her. I would rather be kissed by Trump than screwed by Hillary…………….

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