How Do You Measure Success?


If there is one word that most people want to be used to describe their business career, it would be “successful.” Rare is the individual who starts a career lacking the intent to be successful.  Making the pilgrimage to success is the Mecca, the shibboleth,  for anyone who embarks on a career or starts a new business. And conversely, not being deemed successful is equated with failure. There is only one problem with this observation: How is success defined and determined?

Many are made to feel like failures only because they fall prey to a definition of success established by others. Society in general and the business world specifically set the standards for success and measure everyone against that superficial yardstick.

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The Status Quo is a Perfect Shelter for Those Fearful of Change

If You're Not Making History, You Aare HistoryThere is a malady suffered by most of us that is called “time inconsistency.” It is a cognitive bias that creates a tendency to discount the future in favor of the present. The idea is that we are inclined to accept a smaller reward in the present, rather than the potential of a much larger reward in the future. Surveys have shown that when given the choice, most people choose to take $10 today, rather than $50 in a year. In other words, we’re more apt to “play it safe,” than to move out ahead of the crowd.

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We Can’t Predict the Future, But We Can Make History

Bob Mac has written a new book – IF YOU’RE NOT MAKING HISTORY, YOU ARE HISTORY – and it is brimming with ideas that can help you design your future and make your own history.

If history has taught us anything it is this: Progress or perish. If we are not making history, we are history. We all have the same opportunity to make history. Fashioning our particular brand of history means constantly moving forward to make our own personal mark in time.

The premise of Mac’s new book is simple: If we are not making history, we are history. Passé. Kaput. Toast.

We’re not talking about earth-shaking history here (although that’s possible, too), but about the history that all of us make in our own lives and career. We each make our own history as we become a better person, move forward in our career and achieve success. We also know that as soon as we stop making this kind of history we are history.

In this book Mac has compiled over 200 simple – yet powerful – principles, ideas and thoughts on leadership, business and success. Each of these reflections has been drawn from the pages of Mac’s previous books, hundreds of blogs posted on his website, and 40 years of experience as a successful business CEO. Each reflection stands on its own, encapsulating an independent thought that could help you make history. And together, they form an interrelated way of successful thinking and acting that identifies a clear path for you to function as an effective leader, build a profitable company and achieve personal success.

A Different Type of Book

MakingHistory copyMac’s book is presented in a unique format; there are no chapters, sections or grouped subjects. Each turn of the page presents a single, easy-to-understand reflection on how to make history that is reinforced by a colorful, on the point, visual image. “Making History” is as fun and easy to read as it is inspiring and motivational. It is a book you’ll want to return to for inspiration time and time again.

Whatever endeavor you may seek to undertake in your professional or personal life, Mac’s book offers the building blocks that can help you create your future, while making a little history along the way.

Don’t wait any longer to begin making your own history. To order your own copy of “Making History” at the discounted price of $19.95, simply click this link. You can also download a free preview of the book here to whet your appetite.

P.S – “Making History” is the type of book that also makes a wonderful gift. A blog reader recently e-mailed, “Can I buy three more books? I want to give them to our children who are interested in how to be successful.”

That’s the right idea. Start early, start young, but start now — whatever your age.