Goals and KPIs

Work with KPIs

A good manager doesn’t have to know all about how things go in every department. Instead, you should work with a key performance index to ensure that everyone is aware of the goals and working towards achieving them. Avoid interfering with all team activities. Interference is a primary reason for the lack of creativity.

It does help to have a substantial amount of knowledge on what goes on in each department. However, making every team member work based on your judgment and overriding their decisions always is dangerous for any business.

Entrepreneurs Grow Their Network

Finally, the old saying goes, “your network is your net worth.” Staying in contact with people that can positively influence your business is an essential skill for success. Manage the relationship with current team members and old members, industry experts and advisors, leads, and others. Building your business network results in strengthened connections; it opens the way for new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities.

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