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AIG Board Fails to Meet Its Duty in Power Struggle

The Hypocrisy Boiling in the AIG Pot  



Firemen's Fund Insurance Ravaged by Allianz Bureaucracy

Allianz Gets Bad Rap on Stadium

Allianz Life: The Sad Decline of a Great Insurance Company
Allianz: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due 

Allianz Uses Experience in Redundancy to Help Others     

This Just In: Allianz admits it has Problems with U.S. Life Operations     

What Do Allianz, Jimmy Swaggart, Eliot Spitzer and Larry Craig Share in Common

What Does the Government of Iran and the Management of Allianz Life have in


New Nomination for Numskulls and Nitwits



Allianz Acquisition of Hartford_Part Zwei
Allianz Life Blog Touches Sensitive Nerve
Allianz on the Prowl

Allianz on the Prowl Part II Allianz SE Timidity Triggers Blunder in Failure to Acquire Hartford  
Five Reasons Why Allianz SE Will (Should) Buy Hartford



SEC 151a: Profile in Courage and Cowardice

SEC Further Fogs Fuzzy Insurance Annuity Market

The 151a Annuity Fiasco: Enough Shame and Blame for Most Everyone 

Surprise, Surprise! Lori Swanson to be Investigated!

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right: Dateline and Lori Swanson
The Dirty Little Secret in the Annuity Industry

What a Great Time to be in the Annuity Business



Like a Blind Stag in Hunting Season, Hartford Financial is Staggering Toward an Uncertain Future

Hartford Being Hartford – Backstab Customers and Agents

Is Hartford in a Freefall to Nowhere?

Hartford Financial is Slip Sliding Away

Hartford Life May Have Learned its Lesson; Now if Only the Others Would

Hartford Forced to Outsource Leadership

Wanted: Top-Notch CEO: Finding a Hartford CEO

Hartford's Outsourced CEO: Part II


Business Ethics

Distinctively Different Times Call for Distinctively Different Leaders

Are You Mining for Career Gold But Digging in the Wrong Place?

Which Is Worse: Racism or the Hypocrisy that Accompanies it?

Building Better Business Management

Success is often Determined not by How You Work, but by the Environment in Which You Work

Corporate Compensation Plans and the Federal Tax Code are Brothers from Different Bureaucracies

Failing After Achieving Success is Worse than Failing to Achieve Success

When it Comes to Finding the Best Person for the Job – Potential Trumps Experience

“Best Practices” May be the Worst Practice

Searching for Success as a Leader? There is a way to get help finding it.

Avoid the Risk of the “But for Me” Syndrome and Follow the “But for Them” Path to Success

Corporations are People, and They Should be Free Like People, Too

Corporate Bonus Plans are Bass Aackward

Incentive Compensation Plans Promise More Than They Deliver

Create an Incentive Plan That Delivers More Than it Promises

If Micromanagement is such a Discredited and Flawed Management Style, Why do so Many Practice it? 

Obamanemia: (noun) 1. A Chronic Ailment Caused by a Lack of Leadership and Management Skills.  

Outsourcing is the Elixir of Choice for Weak, Gullible Management

You Can Walk Like an Egyptian But Don’t Lead Like One 

Hiring the Most Qualified Person for the Job May Not Always be the Best Decision
It’s More Fun to be Different than to be Diffident

Often the Best Way to Lead is to Follow

Compensation Plans for Directors on Public Corporate Boards are Outmoded Out of Touch and Ought to be Reformed

A Worm in the Apple's Core?

A Corporate Board of Directs is Most Effective when it Practices Good Parenting

Pay is no Pal to Performance in Most Employee Pay Plans

Peer Group Analysis is the Refuge of the Uninspired

Most Leaders and Companies Fail From Lack of Interest

“Best Practices” is the Fool’s Gold of Management Leadership

What’s So Hard about Doing the Right Thing?

Triumph Awaits in the Undefined World of Vuja De, Not in the Repetitive World of Déjà vu

Winning the Battle of the Bulging Bureaucracy

Vision Commission Confusion

To Benefit America and Its Future, Corporations Need a Higher Level of Ethical Behavior

Success in a Competitive World Depends on being Creative–not Complicated

Regulation and Regulators Need Regulation

In Good Business Management. It's Easy to Understand Hard

Fixing a Bad Corporate Culture Don't Let Peer Pressure Haunt Your Business
Be Blind in the Eye of Peer Pressure
Executive Pay Caps and Bonus Hocus

Lessons on Business Management and Ethics from Pettersgate
Another Example of Great Leadership: Bush

Yahoo and the Art of Successful Negotiation

Management Lessons to be Learned from the Failure of General Motors
The Six Attributes of Successful Business Mavericks

Simple Is As Simple Does

Simple is Sexy Again

Success Attained is Easier than Success Retained
Success: What is it and Who Owns it, Anyway?

The Merry Go Round Antics of Management Consultants We Exterminate Rats and Cockroaches -- Why Not Management Consultants
Panic as a Management Folly in a Recession

Treating Employees Respectfully Pays Off
What a Riot Working at Hyatt

The Lessons of 2008 That if Learned Well Can Make 2009 Better for All of Us
Management Lessons in the Tiger Tragedy

Loyalty Gained is Loyalty Earned
Loyalty: A Lost Concept in Business

Is Corporate Culture Putting Your Job at Risk
Is There a PR Person in the House? Most CEOs Have Employee TLC Bass Ackward
Slippery Slopes are Paved with Entitlement

Telltale Sign of a Company in Decline

The Greatest Threat to Personal and Business Success Is Success
The Siren Song of Synergy

Will Grovel for Food To Win the Corporate Game, First Know it is a Game


Bureaucracy and Entrepreneurism

“They” Rule Most People’s World, but They Shouldn’t Rule Yours.

Being Successful is Not Something You Buy Into – You Have to Own it

The Best Way to the Top is to Look to the Bottom (But not the boss’)

The Five Most Telling Attributes of Business Mavericks

Should We be Surprised to Discover that Bureaucracy Reigns in the Department of Veterans Affairs?

Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture in a Bureaucratic World

Bureaucracy is the Ebola Virus of the Business World

Say Yes To "Doctor No"

*Is the American Dream Dead?

The Only Thing Worse than Failing to Achieve Your Dream is Failing to Try

The Drive to Thrive is Fueled by the Passion to Persevere

Individuals Who Trade Risk-Taking for Security Gamble with their Future

So You Want to be Your Own Boss?

The Exhilarating Lonesome Life of the Congenital Malcontent

Companies without Soul: The Dark Side of Corporate Life

What Knack do Entrepreneurs have that others Do Not?

Bureaucracy is the Beer Belly of Business

Secret Tips to Building a Long, Safe Career as a Bureaucrat

It’s Here! Sensational New GPS App for Entrepreneurs. Easily Downloaded

Bankers and Bureaucrats: Numskulls and Nitwits
Financial Crisis: How the Entrepreneur Deal with it In Busines
How Bureaucracy Sabotages Corporate Success and What You Can Do to Avoid It
In Business, Greed is Everybody's Problem and Entrepreneurism is the Antidote
Take this Job and Shove it : Bureaucratic Cultures

Recovering Entrepreneurs Often Make the Past the Future

Live in the Past and be Lost in the Future


Health Care and the Insurance Industry

Malpractice For All In The Health Care Coverage Waivers

Health Insurance Industry Exhibits its Deceitfulness and Lack of Ethics

Health Care Legislation: Sign of Failed Leadership
Health Care: One More Time

Health Companies Infected with Pre-Existing Case of Unbridled Greed

Obama's Failed Leadership in Health Care Reform
This Health Care Debate is Making Me Sick

Opportunity Squandered by Insurance Industry in Health Care Debate
Save The Independent Insurance Agent A Plague on the House of the Health Insurance Industry

Health Care Debate: A Classic Case of Taking Something Simple and Making it

Panic Blinds Reason

Health Care Reform: Complicated Problem – Simple Solution


Life Insurance Industry

Aetna Insurance Learns Important Lesson – Pay For What You Want To Get

For The Life Insurance Industry, Growth Does Matter

Hot Money May Cause the Life Insurance Industry to Crash and Burn

The Drive to Thrive is Fueled by the Passion to Persevere

The Future For The Life Insurance Industry Is SimpleThe Potential Poison Pill of Private Equity in Insurance

A Biblical History of the Life Insurance Industry and Why God is Now Delivering His Wrath

Defending the Future of Independent Marketing Organizations: Part Two

For Independent Marketing Organizations the Choice is Simple: Live Free or Die!

The Value of Life Should Never be Cheapened

The Future of the Life Insurance Industry – If There is One!

For the Life Insurance Industry the Future May be Yesterday

Life Insurance Industry Hiding Dirty Little Secret to Mask Real Problems

Insurance Companies Eating Their Young to Save Their Skin

Insurance Companies and Regulators Working in Concert Prove Greed Always Trumps Reason

Insurance Executives Prove Stupid is as Stupid Does
Who Wants the Same Old, Same Old? Pray for Change!

Neither Baby Boomers Nor Their Financial Advisors Should Forget about the Future

Insurance Industry: a Guarantee for Trouble

Insurance Industry Crisis Creates New Opportunities

The Insurance Industry in the Obama Era

The Death of Life (Insurance)

The Black Hole of the Life Insurance Industry
The State of the Life Insurance Industry: Today and Tomorrow

Is There Much Life Left in Life?

Needed: New Blood in the Insurance Industry

Ernst &Young ---Dumbs Down to Life Insurance Industry
How Smart Insurance Agents Face Down a Recession
Networking among Insurance Pros is More Important Than Ever

What's Wrong with the Insurance Industry?

Gander Institute to Release Findings on Future of Life Insurance Industry
Needed: Insurance Regulations to Protect Insurance Companies from Themselves

When Marketing Insurance Products, Being Better Beats Being Bigger

Where have all the Agents Gone?

Why is it so Difficult to ask Why?


Improving Your Business Leadership

Stepping Up to Successful Leadership Calls for Many Small Steps

Is the Power in You to Empower Others?

The Rules Rule!

Teams Don't Lead . . . Leaders Lead

“Net Neutrality” – The Robber Barons of Business are Back—Bigger and Badder Than Ever

Target is Learning it is More Difficult to Retain Success Than to Attain it.

Sometimes the Truth is Harder to Find than to Face

Having a Sense of Urgency is the Only Way to Avoid a Sense of Panic


Keep It Simple, Stupid

The Biggest Risk of Failure is the Unwillingness to Risk Failure

The Prerequisite for Leadership is the Willingness to be Alone in the Future

Thoughts to Carry Into the New Year and the Success You Resolve to Achieve

It Pays to Work Overtime as a Leader
Avoiding the Rigor Mortis of Leadership 
Is Success Enough? Or Do You Want to be Great?
The Combine of Leadership Skills
If You Want to Know the Cost of Inconsistent Leadership Just Ask President Obama
Vow to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever–Even if You Have to Cheat to Win
They Say There Are No Shortcuts to Success – But They Are WrongThe Drive to Thrive is Fueled by the Passion to Persevere

Building a Healthy Corporate Culture Starts with Soul

It’s Hard to do the Right Thing When the Right Thing to do May be the Wrong Thing for You

The Syrian Crisis May be Helpful to Your Business Career

Looking to Supercharge Your Career? Here's How.

Winning in Business is Difficult – Doing it is Easy

Power is to Command as Trust is to Leadership

Credibility Creates the Capital a Leader Needs to Invest in Change

Real Problems are Best Resolved by the Audacious---not the Pusillanimous

Do You Have a License to Lead?

Focus on the Fracas or Forget It

Lessons from a Long Life of Learning from Leaders 

The Best Antidote for Intimidation is the Intimidate the Intimidator

Sometimes the Best Boss is No Boss at All

A Sense of Urgency in Business Takes the Sene of Fear Out of Change

You Can Buy a Lot of Things at Best Buy, but You Can’t Buy the Best Map to Success      

Employees have the Darndest Ideas

Best Buy Board Shows that even the Best Companies can become Infected with Numbskulls and Nitwits!

J. P. Morgan Debacle is a Good Learning Lesson for any Entrepreneur

Setting Goals and Realizing them is Critical to Success – Maybe

The Best Way to Plan for Business Success is to Can the Business Plan

Building a Better Brand of Capitalism

The Magic Secret to Gaining Prosperity and Success is . . . There is no Secret

If “All’s Fair in Love and War,” what about Business?

The Power of the Powerful is to Empower the Powerless

The Responsibility of Responsible Leadership

EXPOSED: Most Successful Business Leaders are Natural Born Cheaters!

CEOs Should do the Job, Nothing but the Job and the Whole Job They are Hired to Do?

The Bad Seed of Successful Leadership

Mr. Sam Must be Rolling Over in His Grave

The Power to Keep Power is to Share Power

The Strongest Inhibitor of Innovation is Contentment

Events in Egypt are an Echo of History and a Tutorial on Leadership

Learn to Negotiate Like a Russia

Leadership is Willingness to Step Up and Stand Out

Telltale Signs of Inept Leadership and Corporate Arrogance

“Exceptionalism” is a Powerful Tool for Good or Evil in Government and Business

The Risk and Reward of Telling Truth to Power

News Flash: Bankers are Stupid!

Take this Job and Shove it . . .

WikiLeaks Lessons for Business

The Promise of Leadership is Easy – The Hard Part is the Delivery

Leadership Does Matter

Leadership Lessons Learned from the Health Care Debate
Leadership: How Much Difference Does a Small Difference Make?
Are you Married to a Lower Form of Life?

On Being McCrystalized: Living Lessons in Leadership
Bankers and Goldfish Run in Schools and get Tanked
Barack Obama Beat The System

Blowing Away the Smoke from the Financial Crisis
BP: Cheap Shots and Lessons in Leadership

Old MacDonald's Farm — Growing a New Crop of Leaders
Where Have All the Ethical Leaders Gone

Why Businesses Need Strong Ethical Leadership

Buying Business Buys Trouble

Global Warming Effort Filled With Numskulls and Nitwits
Gulf Oil Spill Could be Good Thing

The Power of a Positive Business Culture 

The Secret to Business Success Become a Trust Builder
The Secrets of Business Success

How Business Managers Become Business Leaders
Ethical Leadership Feeding Good Business

Real Leadership Depends on Understanding the Difference Between Ethics and Ethical

Needed: New and Improved Leadership
Leadership and Management Lessons in Life

Mystery Solved: Economic Crisis Caused by Failure of Leaders to Cheat Enough!

Mystery Solved: The Economic Crisis Caused by Weakness and Stupidity

Phil Mickelson and Ethical Leadership

The Secret Weapon Known to All Successful Leaders



New Year’s Day – Like Valentine’s Day – is a Fraud Holiday

Halloween Ghouls, Goblins and Goofs

Hank Greenberg is the Poseter Child for Greed . . . 

The Maverick's Creed:  If it's Not Broken, Fit It!

Daniel J. Rourke: Happiness in the Sadness of Losing a Special Friend

Extraordinary Person for an Extraordinary Life (Kenneth Dahlberg)

Tips to Take from the Terrible Travails of Tressel

Don Urban, the Real Urban Legend

Hypocrisy Thy Name is Billy Payne

The Hypocrisy Exhibited in the LeBron James Circus
The Dark Side of the George Steinbrenner Legacy

Holiday Letter for Most of Mac’s Family, Friends and Followers (Bob MacDonald)

Holiday Greetings to Family, Friends, and Followers (2012-2013)

Holiday Letter for Family, Friends, Followers and Fools (2013-2014)


Politics and Government

Net Neutrality Creates Fundamental Conflicts for Republicans

A Parody can be Really Humorous Unless it’s Really Serious

So This is How the Greatest Government in the World Functions?

Now it’s the Republicans Turn to Disappoint us as Leaders

The Bergdahl Brouhaha Can Teach Leaders To Learn Before They Leap

ESOP – The Fable and the Fraud

Breaking the Back of Bureaucracy at the VA

Have These Politicians No Shame Using Thousands of Innocent Children as Pawns in Their Exploitation of Immigration as an Election Issue?

Change Agents Are More Effective When They Are Inside Rather Than Outside

Disappointment is the Residue of Misperceiving Management as Leadership

Just be Thankful We are Not Like Russia!
It’s Time to Try “Trickle-Up” Economics to Help Solve Minimum Wage Crisis
The Very Opposite of Freedom is Security
Chris Christie’s Version of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
Proud to be a “Doomsday Prepper"!
A Few Raucous Rants Against Random Acts of Revulsion
Trust Me, Trust is the Real Secret to Business SuccessPower Begets the Use of Power and the Use of Power Begets the Abuse of Power

Hypocrisy in Business is Exceeded Only by Hypocrisy in Government

It Doesn’t Take a Taxocologist to Recognize that the Government is Intaxicated From Binge Taxing

Being Too Smart may be Hazardous to your Success

The Best Thing about Good Government is that it Works Best when it Doesn't Work

The Sequester is Here --- BFD!*

Guns are as Natural to the American Way of Life as Violence

To Solve Social Security and Medicare Funding Issues, Take a Lesson from the Insurance Industry

A Pox on All Three Houses of government: Their Timidity Created the Fiscal Cliff

Dancing Around the Fiscal Cliff May be Entertaining, but . . . 

The "Gifts" of Leadership

Election Lessons for Democracy

The Reality of Capitalism: What it Was and What it Should Be

No Matter Who Wins the Election, You Can be the Winner

Understanding the Difference Between Leadership and Management

Confessions of a Fallen Away Republican

All Pure, Patriotic, Christian Americans Should Vote for Romney-Ryan

MAC Attack on Taxes

Democracy is the Defender of Individual Rights but Only Individuals can Defend Democracy

America has a Rich History of Successful Populist Movements

Government and Big Business are Mortal Enemies–and Other Urban Legends

Tolerating a Government that is Intrusive, Inefficient and Wasteful is Obamanable and is the Reason Why America is in Trouble Today

Romney and Those of His Ilk are Doing a Disservice to Real Capitalism

WARNING: The Potential Side Effects of Discussing Health Care Reform may Include Elevated Blood Pressure, Early Onset Dementia, Constipation of the Brain and Excessive Paranoia.

The Economy is Doing Fine—It’s Just Different

There is a Reason Why Politicians Disappoint Us as Leaders 

Business has no Business Getting in the Business of Government

In Defense of the National Debt

An Indictment of and Support for the Tea Party Movement

Light Bulbs and Liberals: The Threat to Individual Liberty

A Sane Approach to Solving the Budget and Debt Crisis

Turn Out the Lights – The Party’s Over!

American Capitalism has Failed and Needs to be Replaced 

What’s Happening is not Class Warfare, but Classless Political Warfare 

Is it Better to be a Maker or a Mechanic?

Is it Time to Get Government off the Back of Business and Let Business be Business?

Wall Street Occupiers Make it One Big Tea Party

In Wisconsin Somebody Moved the Cheese

All is Fair in Love and War – But not in Taxes

Obama Misses the Point and Fails the “Crucible of Leadership” Test

Leadership is Willingness to Step Up and Stand Out

“Doing the Right Thing” Gets More Lip Service Than the Blarney Stone

Regulations and Regulators Need Regulation

Needed: A Dose of Business Reality in Government

Election Results Portend Lessons in Leadership

Guilefulness in Government is Directly Proportional to the Gullibility of the Governed 

Government is Not Working and the Election will Change Nothing

The Intrinsic Value of a Dysfunctional Government

Debt Reduction Talk is Like a Ride on a Merry-go-Round that Never Stops

Class Warfare Revisited with a Perspective

Regulations are Best When They Regulate What is Not Done, Not What is Done

A Loser can often be a Role Model for Winners

America Needs a Successful Business Leader to Solve the Problems … Or do We?

Romney is Getting Bum Rap for His Brand of Capitalism

Are Entitlement and Opportunity Mutually Exclusive to Effective Government

Money Talks and Freedom Walks

Nominating Santorum for President would Assure a Great Future for the Republicans

Regulations Run Amok Trying to Keep Muckers From Running Amok 

Learn to Lead from Mitt Romney’s Failure to Lead

Supreme Court Should Invalidate, then Amputate Obamacare

The Differing Perspectives of Rangel and Schorr
What is Really Wrong with the Economy?

Mac’s Marvelous Meanderings

One Decade Down and Done -- Good Riddance

McCain Exposes Obama by using the Dreaded "S" Word
If Obama is a Socialist, What are We?

Morons and the Mosque Settle the Illegal Immigration Debate 



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