Cheat To Win: The Honest Way to Break All the Dishonest Rules in Business

Cheat to Win is a business book like no other. It’s the hottest and most controversial book of the year that literally eats other business books for lunch and leaves no tip. Maverick businessman and noted contrarian Bob MacDonald will show you how to escape the road to mediocrity and rise up against the stupid rules that bind, rather than better us.

Which rules? Practically all of them. Rules about sharing wealth and power; rules about negotiation, raising capital and creating an entrepreneurial company. Rules about how to get a job and advance confidently to the upper ranks of business.

Cheat to Win strategy is packed with proven, real-life how-to advice that proves in order to be successful in the future, you must be willing to able to cheat—to think and act differently and more daring than ever before. Order now and you’ll start cheating—and winning—by the end of the week.

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Cheat To Win Reviews

Publishers Weekly

"Cheat To Win is applicable to almost every business endeavor."

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“MacDonald advises how to identify and overcome the handicaps put on others through conventional thinking, bureaucrats who seek to retain their power and those who fear the impact of fresh thinking and new ideas.”

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"Irreverent and insightful."

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Kirkus Reports

"This book is sure to genenerate a lot of buzz and sure to transform MacDonald, a respected business leader, into a popular business pundit."

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Minneapolis Star Tribune

"MacDonald's candid style, sharp wit and real-life experiences make this a zestier read than the average management tome. He's a savvy strategist."

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Best's Review

"The book is a fun read, and MacDonald isn't afraid to name names and point to where the bodies are buried."

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Handelsblatt, Germany’s leading business newspaper

“His book rises above the large number of management advice books because MacDonald’s life story makes it appear authentic and thus convincing. In this sense the author can certainly be compared to the management icon Jack Welch.”

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KUSA-TV, Denver, Colo.

“The over-arching message of Cheat To Win is that the reader can do very well by aligning himself in 'parallel' with the interests of employees, agents, customers and investors."

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