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CHEAT TO WIN: The Honest Way to Break All the Dishonest Rules in Business

MacDonald goes straight to the core of a philosophy that literally took him from the bus stop to the jet stop. In a funny, irreverent and fast-paced presentation MacDonald exposes the inherent dishonesty of outdated rules that serve only to inhibit the achievement of our goals. MacDonald argues that cheating on some of the rules imposed upon us by others is the only honest way to live. This message goads the listeners to challenge the rules in order, "to shape your life according to your own vision and on your own terms.


We all have the ability to reminisce about the past; to see and relive events that shaped our lives. How successful would we be with the power to reminisce about the future with the same clarity we reminisce about the past? MacDonald's presentation challenges his listeners to learn to do just that – and, he shows them how to do it. The message is not that we have the ability to predict the future, but that we all have the potential to make the future.


It's more than a new century for financial services — it's a whole new world. MacDonald explores the history of financial services to explain the convergence of investments, banking and insurance. Then in a clear, concise manner MacDonald demonstrates that success in the 21st century is not about "getting back to the basics," but about getting on with the future. His message is that a new industry is forming and the opportunity for companies and individuals is actually better than ever before. MacDonald offers more than a message; it is a plan for getting to the future first.


It was the agent who built the insurance industry and MacDonald offers reasons why only the agent can save the insurance industry. MacDonald reflects on the past, present and future of the insurance industry. He explains the reasons for the decline of the industry and offers specific actions that will enable the industry and the agents to regain their prominence in the financial services industry. These actions are spearheaded by going back to the future in distribution. If you want a future in the financial services industry, this message is a must.

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