Bob MacDonald is a Powerful Keynote Public Speaker

Bob MacDonald as a speaker for your group is insightful, entertaining, challenging and humorous. Presenting his ideas before hundreds of groups around the world, no audience has been disappointed. (Of course there always could be a first time!) MacDonald delivers a down-to-earth, real and practical presentation that is both fun and thought provoking. Listening to MacDonald is a way to learn while having fun. It's virtually guaranteed that every attendee will walk away from a MacDonald presentation with at least one thought or idea that will make the time worthwhile.


  • Global Financial Leadership Forum
  • The Jonathan Club
  • Town Hall of California
  • The Allianz Management Institute
  • National Association for Variable Annuities
  • Consumer Bankers Association
  • National Insurance Conference
  • National Center for Financial Education
  • Society of Actuaries
  • Western Independent Bankers Association
  • National Association of Life Underwriters
  • Institute of Certified Financial Planners
  • Inter-Financial Association National Insurance Conference
  • International Association of Financial Planners (Iafp)
  • Banking Law Institute/Bank Administration Institute
  • Washington State Banking Association
  • North Carolina League of Savings Institutions
  • Wisconsin League of Financial Institutions
  • Financial Management Association
  • National Assembly for Community Banking
  • Philadelphia Rotary Club
  • Aba World Banking Conference
  • Institute for International Research
  • Vermont Bankers Association
  • Michigan Bankers Association
  • Virginia Bankers Association
  • Rhode Island Bankers Association
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